The Charity

North West Air Ambulance Charity

The North West Air Ambulance saves lives on a daily basis across the North West region.

Whether it's landing on a motorway, a remote farm, or snow-clad mountain in the Lake District, the North West Air Ambulance is always there. But, keeping two emergency ambulance helicopters up in the air doesn't come cheap. The cost every year to the charity is a staggering £3.9 million!

The NWAA receives no government funding and relies totally upon donations from the charity's supporters and members of the public.


The Pilots

NWAA pilots are highly skilled ex-military helicopter aviation specialists. Their flying skills are vital in landing our paramedics as close to the scene of an incident as possibile. Their ability to land a 3 tonne helicopter in ad-hoc landing sites is inspirational and their work is vital in saving lives across the region.

The Paramedics

NWAA paramedics are seconded on placement from the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for a two year term. They receive extensive additional training in navigation and safety skills, prior to becoming aircrew and receive regular refresher courses throughout their term of service.

If you would like to find out more about the NWAA and their own fundraising events please visit: