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Ski Pad Drag Mattress

Catalogue Number: 6034V

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  • The Ski Pad is a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of patients or residents etc when doorways or stairways are too narrow for the Ski Sheet.
  • Can also be used in situations where non-ambulant people (such as wheelchair users) require assistance to evacuate from a building.
  • In an emergency, the Ski Pad is quickly and easily removed from its storage bag and laid beside the patient's bed. The patient is then simply transferred to the Ski Pad, wrapped in a blanket, secured in place with the seat belt style straps and then dragged to safety.
  • Features:
    • Tough slippery vinyl coated base material enables patients to be moved easily over virtually any surface - indoors or outdoors
    • 2" thick foam pad gives protection from bumps and bruises
    • Narrow width and flexibility of the Ski Pad allows the patient to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors and down narrow winding fire escapes
    • Wipe clean storage bag can be wall mounted in wards or at the head of staircases ready for immediate use