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Reusable Hot/Cold Pack - Case of 40

Catalogue Number: 6035A/10

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  • Lewis-Plast® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack 28cm x 13.5cm.
  • Provides safe and effective relief from the pain of small injuries.
  • Warm use is ideal for easing general muscle ache and tension by increasing circulation to the injured area.
  • Cold use will reduce swelling and pain during the early stages of injury and alleviate bruising, sprains and inflammation.
  • When used cold, this pack is suitable for:
    • Soothing swelling and inflamation
    • Reducing a fever
    • Relief of headache
    • Relief of toothache
  • When used warm, this pack is suitable for:
    • Relief of muscular aches and pains
    • Relief of back pain
    • Relief of sinusitis
    • Relief of menstual cramps
  • Case of 40.
N.B. We recommend that the pack is used in conjunction with a Lewis-Plast® Compression Sleeve (code 6035S) and not placed directly on to the skin. Click here for the Materials Safety Data Sheet