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Catering Burns Kit - Blue Zipper Pouch

Catalogue Number: 4248YL

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  • Lewis-Plast® Catering Burn-Cool First Aid Kit, in a Soft Zipper Case, comes complete with a wide range of items including all the necessary dressings to deal with most incidents from minor scalds to serious burns.
  • Lewis-Plast® Burn-Cool Gel Dressings contain a specially formulated treatment for burn victims to ease trauma and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Being in the fortunate position of owning our own range of Sterile Burn Gel Dressings means we can tailor any of our Burns Kits to your particular requirements.
  • Contents:
    • 2 x Sterile Burn-Cool Dressings 5cm x 15cm
    • 2 x Sterile Burn-Cool Dressings 10cm x 10cm
    • 1 x Sterile Burn-Cool Dressings 10cm x 40cm
    • 1 x Sterile Burn-Cool Dressings 20cm x 20cm
    • 1 x Sterile Burn-Cool Face Mask
    • 6 x Burn-Cool Sachets 3.5ml
    • 1 x Burn-Cool Gel Bottle 175ml
    • 1 x Pair Tough-Cut Scissors 18cm
    • 4 x Pair Disposable Gloves
    • 2 x Conforming Bandages 10cm x 4.5m
    • 1 x Adhesive Tape
    • 1 x Burn-Cool Plastic Instruction Card