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MediWrap High Protection Blanket - Adult

Catalogue Number: 6017D

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  • The MediWrap High Protection Blanket is a single use, absorbent thermal wrap.
  • Arrests and stabilises hypothermia.
  • Maintains normathermia.
  • Maintains warmth without outside heat source.
  • Helps prevent cross infection.
  • Cost effective, efficient, single use product.
  • Non-latex construction.
  • Radiolucent.
  • One blanket - Adult size (approx 200cm x 120cm).
  • Also available in Child size (Code 6017E).
  • Patient Side:
    • Absorbent - up to 10 x its weight in bodily fluids
    • Insulating - prevents convective heat loss
    • Reflects radiant heat back to patient
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Total barrier to bacteria
    • Wind and waterproof - prevents evaporative heat loss
    • Non-conductive