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Water-Jel® Burn Wrap / Extinguisher - 91cm x 76cm - Pouch

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  • Water-Jel® Gel Soaked Burn Wrap / Extinguisher Blanket 91cm x 76cm in a pouch.
  • Emergency first aid blanket for temporary protection from heat & flames and for extinguishing small fires.
  • May also be used to cover material to be protected from heat or approaching fire.
  • Water-Jel® consists of 96% demineralised water in gel form. Another constituent is medical grade tea-tree oil as a bacteriostatic constituent to protect the wound against further contamination. The other constituents serve solely to provide the retention of effect and good storage life. As Water Jel is completely water soluble, it supports the aims of the A&E departments and burns units for initial burn injury wash down procedures.