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MAT Responder Tourniquet

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We are the official UK distributor of the MAT Responder Tourniquet.

UPDATE - Pyng Medical has been acquired by Teleflex. LMS has retained its exclusive distributorship of the Pyng products; T-POD Responder Pelvic Stabiliser and M-A-T Responder Tourniquet.

Saving Trapped Limbs:

  • Completely adjustable to fit on any trapped limb to safely provide arterial occlusion.

Simple Application:

  • Quick, one-handed application - ratchet system prevents tourniquet from slipping backward and loosen hold.

Rapid Release:

  • Designed for rapid release and reapplication on the same patient; routinely applied start to finish in 10 seconds or less.

Effective and Trusted:

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently stop bleeding has returned the tourniquet to prominence within the emergency medical tool kit; its effectiveness is once again recognised by the medical community.