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Pax Plan 'Wasserkuppe T' Bag - Red L-ST-FT2-T

Catalogue Number: 6213PWTLP

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  • This 'T' Model Large backpack has a size-adjustable hiking backpack carrying system that makes very long carrying times comfortable.
  • This carrying system, which is designed for heavy loads, transfers the weight onto the hips and reduces the amount of weight on the shoulders.
  • Can be adjusted to the size of the wearer (back lengths of up to 45cm).
  • The carrying system can be packed away for storage using a detatchable cover.
  • Fully reinforced and padded, this product is designed for daily use.
  • Shoulder straps can be removed if required.
  • Measures: 55cm x 55cm x 40cm. Weighs: 5.9kg (empty).
  • PAX-Plan material is recommended for products that will have to cope with with the high demands of daily use in the emergency services. The surfaces are well-closed on both sides, which means they can be cleaned extremely well with canvas cleaners, and disinfectants can be used effectively. The material is completely waterproof.
  • Specifications: Woven fabric: polyester, min. 1000dtex – PVC-coated on both sides. Fabric weight approx. 650g/m2.
  • Also available in Extra Large (Code 6213PWTXP).