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Elite Campaign Backpack OPS

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  • The Elite Special Forces Backpack allows the soldier can transport all his equipment, clothes, sleeping bag, vivac cover, food, water....and all the necessary material to be able to carry out his work.
  • Includes a waterproof cover that not only completely protects the bag and the material inside, but prevents the undergrowth getting stuck in any part of it.
  • Molle system.
  • Side pockets can be converted into smaller backpacks for fast marches or reconnaissance expeditions. The pockets also have 'molle straps' so you can hold any other pocket or extra compartment that the soldier may need.
  • Shoulder straps are adaptable in height and adjustable in length.
  • Waist belt that stablizes the weight on the hip, allowing the soldier and the rucksack to share their centre of gravity, achieving the freedom of movement desired. It also means the weight of the rucksack does not stand completely on the shoulders.
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt have foam backing.
  • The lateral of the bag is made up from 2 aluminium bands that give consistency to the bad and help to distribute the weight correctly along the back of the soldier, making the transport of the bag easier.
  • Fast release system that allows the soldier to free himself from the bag (and its weight), keeping the waist-belt in place and all the componenets that are attached to it (holster, magazine, water bottle....).
  • Main material of the bag:-
    • Main Body measures: 68cm x 40cm x 25cm; Capacity: 68L.
    • Detachable Side Pockets measure: 33cm x 19cm x 14cm; Capacity: 8.7L.
    • The bag is made with a nylon thread coated with teflon and reinforced with a zig zag sewing to ensure the strength.
    • Main material: 650D 6.6 nylon Cordura.
    • Special treatment IRR (Infra Red Ray). With this treatment, the material is not detected by the infra red lens.
  • Components:-
    • Frontal pocket.
    • Backpack belt / Combat belt.
    • Detachable side pockets.
    • Adjustable straps.
    • Waterproof cover.
    • Harness for side pockets.
    • Climbing rope.
    • Foldable mats.
    • Airtight bag (Large).
    • Airtight bag (Small).